August through October

This exhibit "Field to Finish" is painting en plein air a field study (on site) that we will take back into our studios and from there we will paint a much larger piece looking at our field study. So we will have a Field and a Finish piece.
Our Field Studies are usually more vibrant than the one we painted in the Studio. Why? Well, because when you are in the field painting en plein air, you see nature as it is and therefore your values, colors, composition, etc. are more vibrant like nature; whereas, in the Studio piece, you don't have the light like nature; therefore making it a bit more difficult to get the same value, color and composition because the studio lighting is not like being outside painting in all of nature's glory! So, you're not seeing the true values etc., that your saw in the field. Some artists are able to capture this better than others and these artists are the ones who work in their studios most of the time and so are used to painting both ways.
I think you will really enjoy this exhibit and see the comparisons.
This exhibit opens on August 17 and closes on October 29, 2016. There is a reception on Thursday, August 25th from 5 to 8 p.m., so please stop by the gallery to see this exciting and different way to show how artists work!

Jane Morgan Gallery
4838 Brownsboro Center - i the Arcade
Louisville, KY 40207
Located on the corner of Brownsboro Road and Rudy Lane
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