The Plein Air Painters of Kentucky consists of a group of artists who commit to painting once a week during May – October. This year we chose to paint “Architecture in Landscape” in the Kentuckiana area. This group was founded by Jane Morgan in 1998.
Since our theme was to paint “Architecture in Landscape” we painted in the old town of Frankfort, KY as well as the city; Midway, KY; Bardstown, KY; Anchorage, KY; Madison, IN: Nashville, IN; Main Street in downtown Louisville, Bardstown Road in Louisville, the historic Peterson-Dumesnil House, Locust Grove, The Anchorage House, and others.

Painting architecture was a challenge for us, but as you can see from this exhibit we met the challenge head on!

To paint "en plein air" is challenging because of the forces of nature. Most plein air painters paint on-site from start to finish with only minor work done in their studios. We, as artists, however, are doing more than painting outdoors as we are capturing a brief moment in time while trying to capture architecture in landscape. As you know, the elements change constantly as we are painting, for example; the light or a shadow cast from a passing cloud, a building or person, a foggy or cloudy day, a blustery or calm day, people moving, et al. So, it is impossible for an artist to claim they are painting en plein air without recognition of nature's transitory aspects. One of the biggest challenges is that the artist has to know a great deal about the subject, or will have to learn a great deal while they are out painting in the elements to be able to master the medium. I like what an artist teacher once told me; you first learn/study the subject (the intellectual side) and then you leave the intellectual part behind and then paint the subject with passion!

This Exhibit is what The Plein Air Painters of KY did this year and not only did we learn more about architecture, we met the challenge, and at the same time, we had a wonderful time with each other!

Jane Morgan, Founder and Group Leader
The Plein Air Painters of Kentucky
4838 Brownsboro Road
Louisville, KY 40207